Christmas Trees & Tips

So at our house we love to decorate for Christmas. This year we have five trees. Yes 5 trees!!! Some people may think that's too many but we don't, so HA! :-P

Christmas Tree #1 in the living room.
Theme: Blue and Silver
Tip #1: Get creative with your tree. Turn random things into ornaments such as toys or flowers.

Christmas Tree #2 in the Den.
Theme: Everything
Tip #2: Having a pre-lit tree makes decorating a lot easier. If your tree isn't pre-lit, try stringing the Christmas lights in a zig-zag instead of all around the tree. Most likely you can't see the back of the tree anyway, right? (This tree wasn't pre-lit by the way)

Christmas Tree #3 (The Main Tree)
Theme: Everything
Tip #3: Be sure to place some ornaments in the inside of the tree and sit a few on the branches as well. It gives more depth to the tree.
Christmas Tree #4 in Kayla's Room (My niece)
Theme: Traditional
Tip #4: When decorating a Christmas tree, use different size ornaments.
 Christmas Tree #5 in my room
Theme: Girly
Tip 5: If you want to get creative, decorate your tree with things people would never expect. (Such as spray painted spoons with ribbons)
So there you have it! All of our Christmas trees. So which tree is your favorite out of the bunch? If you have your Christmas tree up tweet me a picture! @heymiraclewhip
Tune in each day for a new holiday post!



  1. we have 5 Xmas trees one big one and the 4 tiny ones for everyone in the house

  2. Nice! So we aren't the only ones lol.


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