Hey Everyone!!!

Let me tell you about yesterday! Boy oh Boy was it a good day! First the family woke up, we usually wake up early on Christmas day but this year everyone woke up kind of late. Then my mom made breakfast and my sister and nephew Jacob came over. Afterwards we opened presents and O.M.G... I got some of the best gifts! It was so overwhelming, made a girl want to pass out! After we opened gifts, the family was tired and everyone was going to take a nap but then my aunt and cousins came over!!!! Oh snap! So the whole day we've been hanging out and relaxing, enjoying ourselves. How did you spend your Christmas day? Leave a comment below and enjoy the pictures!

The sleepyhead on Christmas morning.

Jacob when he first arrived on Christmas
Some toys Santa left Jacob

This toy was Cody's favorite
She got a sewing machine! woot woot!

Dad opening his gift from us
Jacob getting grandpa to open his gift.

He was so excited
My aunt and cousins that came to visit

aww how precious
Happy Holidays

By the fireplace

The cupcakes I made

She couldn't stop eating them



  1. Such a cute puppy. You have a beautiful family!


  2. Aww happy holidays marical btw the supremes outfit is my next post

    1. Thanks, you too!
      & okay, can't wait to check it out!


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