Candy Cane Nails

Hey Everyone!!

I wanted to do something festive on my nails so I decided to do a candy cane inspired look. At first it was only red and white but then I threw in some green and it looked a whole lot better. Yes it's a little messy but I'm diggin this look. If you have small or short nails like I do, its possible to do this look, just make sure you make your stripes very thin.
I painted my nails red, then striped some white, and later on added green stripes.

I love mixing nail polish for some reason so I mixed the two greens together before applying.

I used: Forever Yummy by Essie, Jade is the New Black by O.P.I and the green L.A Color Art Deco polish (mixed), White On (300) by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, and China Glaze's base cost.
This also works if you paint your nails red first, let it dry, apply thin stripes of tape on your nails, then paint those areas. I should have thought about that earlier. lol oh well!

Getting festive with your nails? Send me the link in the comment section below or tweet me a picture.
xoxo :-)
- @heymiraclewhip


  1. Such a cute design! I found you through the Elle & Blair forum! New follower:)

  2. Cute nail design! Might have to try this out soon. It's perfect for the holiday season :)

  3. Ah! You are so pretty (: I like your smile. We like your blog. We followed. Keep up the blogging, hope to see more good posts to check out.

    Check out our blog :

    -Autumn & Athena

  4. adorable nail idea!! so christmasy :)

    rachel x


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