Ugh! Oh No They Didn't!!

Hey guys...

Okay so it should be obvious by now that I'm not doing blogmas anymore. I feel like it's not going as great as I thought it would, which is very annoying.

But I want to give a shout out to Simone Giles & Andrea D  and any other person who actually takes the time to look at my blog and comment on posts. I appreciate you girls!

So let's just get straight to the point which is pet peeves! I know everyone's got one! That thing that just urkes your nerves...
I happen to have a lot of them. Wanna know a few? Well then keep on reading!

When bloggers don't reply back to their followers. I don't like that. If I take the time to ask a question you should at least answer it or if I say nice outfit say thank you... Sheesh! I feel like when people take the time to message me, I should take the time to reply back. I could see if you had like 1000 comments but if you have 5... Come on now!

People who say they followback but don't... -___________-
When people have giveaways but in order to enter you have to like/follow them on everything they own. Their twitter, Youtube account(s), Facebook, Instagram, Lockerz, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, Blog, and not only that but hashtag them, @ them, leave a comment on both Youtube and Facebook, it's crazy. It's like doing homework. Next they'll be asking for essays.
When people put though(tho/doe) at the end of EVERY sentence....
ex: "What up tho?" "I see my friend doe" "That boy kinda fine tho" "Yo I'm eating this cereal, it's so good but I don't have milk doe" "What kinda dog is that doe" "Going to the mall tho!"
Once in a while its fine but after every sentence doe... See now I'm doing it!
People on Twitter who post the SAME tweets. It's like everyone has the same brain.
I've seen the tweet "I notice everything but don't say nothing" like 100 times already. So everyone on my TL notices everything but doesn't say anything... interesting. -___-
Girls who take pictures in front of their toilets. It's not sexy, it's just weird and nasty.
I can't stand when my socks get wet. Ew!

Milk crust... *gag*

When I'm in the library and people are loud. Last time I checked I thought you were supposed to be quiet in a library. I could be wrong though, I am getting kind of old.

I hate when people try so hard to cheat off me because then I have to try hard to cover my papers up. In college they kick you out for stuff like that. FYI

People complaining all the time about their sucky life. Like go make it better then!! Duh.

People who cough/yawn/sneeze in public but don't cover their mouths. EW !

English teachers who can't spell. -____-

Teachers who lick the papers before passing them out, then you're left with the spit stain. *gag*

Having your eye on something in a store, a strangers sees, and takes it before you can. SMH! That's the worst!

Bad Kids... SMH

People who invite themselves over...

When kids talk about how bad they need to be in a relationship... I can't stand that. Kids need to be kids.

People who think they are always right. SMH, annoying!

Okay I'm done for now. Maybe I'll make a part 2 .
What are your pet peeves? I have to know!

(P.S. I know I have some people who want to comment but don't have a Google account. If you go to Comment as, click anonymous, you could leave a comment that way. But include your name so I know who I'm talking to)



  1. Haha, I loved ready this! Especially the tho/doe part. Youa re so right, it's annoying! Anyways, I love reading your posts. Keep on at it.

    Autumn & Athena

  2. Awe thanks for the mention!
    My English teacher is like that she says she can't spell on the board but we all know its bull crap

    1. You're welcome.
      hahaha she can't spell on the board. That's funny.

  3. Great!! :)
    Would you like to follow each other? :)


  4. haahahaha love your list of "i can't stands"!!
    and yes some giveaway requirements are getting pretty crazy these days -_-''

    rachel x

    1. Thanks!
      & yeah they are lol
      Thanks for your comment!


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