POTW #4 Jan 3rd-16th

Hey Everyone, What's up?!
Nothings been going on with me lately, just school, babysitting, sleep and repeat. For this post of 'Pictures of the Week' I decided to put pictures from this week and last week together. Nothing too exciting but I hope you enjoy!

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The flowers are beautiful. Thanks Aunt Gerri.

 Kayla's school outfit. I thought it was cute.

Jacob watching and copying his idol... his grandpa.

  A picture (from last week) of my new favorite boots.
 (Fashion Posts on this blog coming soon!)

Jacob loves that Beauty and the Beat music video!

 Cody sleeping. Aww!
My nail polish for this week.

 Finally got Jacob to model again for me. This is his "Hey girl, you know I'm sexy" look

Us taking pictures in my winter hats.

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- @heymiraclewhip


  1. I have cranberry splash too!!! I did a nails of the week post on my blog check it out?

    1. I just got it. I love the color. & I left a comment. :)


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