POTW #5 Snowdays, Milkshakes, and Oliver!

It's the last day of January! Ahh!
I'm so excited for February. I have so many great posts in mind for that month so stay tuned. Here's 'Pictures of the Week' (from this week and last week) Enjoy!

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I made a milkshake for Kayla but of course Jacob had to get some lol

My little Cody in the snow.

Decided to take a picture of a bird...

...I shall name him Oliver.

Left Side: Me waking up Cody.
Right Side: Him giving me the "I wanna go back to sleep" stare.

Loving my new hat. What's your favorite winter accessory?

Mirror Mirror on the wall... Who's the coolest of them all?! Jacob is! Duh.
Jacob made early Valentine gifts.

 If you haven't tried these yet you definitely should. They are too good! Been eating them all week!

This isn't apart of POTW but today I heard Beyoncé sung the National Anthem for a press conference. I missed it live but here's a video if you missed it too.

She did admit to singing with her own track but will be singing live at the Super Bowl. So what do you think of this? Was this necessary? Did she sound good to you? Share your opinions below. I personally love her hair and outfit.
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  1. During the winter I love to wear my ugg boots!!! By the way Jacob is soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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