POTW #6: Feb 7-16

It's Sunday night... Boooo! :-( That means school and work tomorrow. Why can't it be Spring Break already!?

Anyway, here's Pictures of the Week. Enjoy!

Lately I've been seeing this picture everywhere!
I Thought THAT IS SOOOO CUTE!! So I decided to make one too. I placed a cookie cutter on a plate and filled it with whip cream. Then I put it in the freezer for a few hours and BAM! It was done. When you take it out you have to be very careful or it will break. The only bad thing about this is it melts really fast. :( but it's so cute!!  (Just wanted to share that really quick )

Valentine flowers from the best person ever... ME! lol The chocolates were from a nice boy in my class, who's name shall remain anonymous because I don't know it. & The rest were from my mom!

 My mom's flowers from my dad

My mom's flowers from me!
My sister's. Gotta love chocolate covered strawberries!
                                                            Someone is getting big.

Having a convo with his sister.

                                                          On Valentine's Day. Single Girl Swag! Ayeeee.

                                      Spent my Friday night hanging out with Jacob.

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  1. Miracle you seem to be a wonderful aunt. Keep up the good work. Children need someone positive that they can look up to other than their parents.

  2. Miracle you are gorgeous!! So is the rest of your family.

  3. woow, i never thought of that. lol i always thought it was either good photoshope or they bought the heart sperate, and aww cute pics


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