Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kim K vs Lady Gaga!

Kim K. and Lady Gaga both wearing the same outfit but who wore it better? I personally like both. I like how chic Kim looks and I love the red lipstick she's wearing with it but I also like how Lady G has the matching glasses. Even though Lady Gaga's look is very matchy, she's working it like a boss. If I had to pick who wore it better I'd chose... Kim.

Share your thoughts below! :-)

*P.S* Black and White is a huge spring trend this year!


  1. Gaga looks better to me though, Kim looks good too, hard to choose :)

  2. Gaga looks like she is wearing a costume. Kim wins this one.

    1. lol. It does look like a costume now that you mentioned it. Thanks for your comment!

  3. they both look bad

  4. I think Gaga looks better but maybe I'm just being biased! :)


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