Mother's Day Weekend

This past weekend our family went out of town to see my grandmother and more family members. We all got together, had a nice meal, and enjoyed each other's company. I had a good time and took a lot of pictures. Check out the previous post to see the outfit I wore.  

*PS* I've been having people tell me I should start a section on my blog for poetry. So I'm going to make that happen. If you write poems and would like for your poem to be featured on my blog then just let me know. You can message me on twitter, facebook, here, it doesn't matter.  
Salad & Bread

Seafood Platter

A heart attack on a plate... I mean nachos. lol

Jacob with his favorite buddy Jase.

My niece and cousins

Looking too cool lol

Aww Kayla with her little cousins

Gotta stay fresh!

The cool kids

Blurry but still cute

Too Much Flash! Jacob & Ma [My Grandmother]

Ma and Dad

My cousin Alexis

Jacob taking his grandpa to the car.

My pretty aunt Pam

 Everyone chilling outside

 Aint this flower just a darlin'!?!

My little cousin Jase

 Jacob starting a conversation

Finally got to meet my baby cousin DJ. He's so cute!

 DJ told us not to bother him. He was chillin!

 Cody wanted to say hi.

My Aunt Gerri's Flowers. So pretty!


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