Good ol Green

This winter weather has caused me to slack on my juice making AND juice drinking. It has been so cold that all I want to consume is coffee and hot chocolate. Recently, I've been feeling very icky so I decided to make green juices again. I came up with one "recipe" that I really, really, REALLY like. So here it is...

2 apples
3 kale stalks
1/4 cucumber
1/2 celery
2 tiny lemons or 1 whole lemon
I don't really measure my ingredients but I'm pretty sure this is about right.  Try it out. Adjust the ingredients to your liking. I'm telling you, this juice is the BOMB. I could drink this everyday.

Green Juices are good for:
Cleaning out the body and getting rid of stored toxins
Providing vitamins and minerals
Regulating blood sugar levels
Helping to fight against sickness and diseases 
Fighting against pre-mature aging
Boosting immunity
& more!

Everyone should drink at least 1 green juice or smoothie a day.

What's your favorite green juice/smoothie combo?


  1. I will also drink more green juices this year. Thanks Miracle for keeping us informed!

  2. I love kale, it's one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing this. Do you use water and ice in it?

    1. I love kale too!! It's the best.

      Nope! My ingredients are usually in the fridge before I make it so my juice comes out cold. I would probably add a little water and ice if I used a blender though.


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