Major Heartbreak on Valentine's Day.

(A poem by yours truly. This is a true story)
There once was a boy named Jacob,
Who was crushing on the girl from across the street,
His heart skipped a beat when she came over with Valentine treats,
He thought that she was so sweet.

He enjoyed the sweets that were made with love,
from that pretty young thang that was sent from above.

He got kisses and hugs! He was in heaven!
His woman was in high school and he wasn't even age 7!
To her he was like a baby brother,
So she left to spend Valentines with another.
 He screamed and cried...
Hugs, he would not take,
For he had lost his woman and needed to listen to some Drake.
 How are you spending your Valentine's Day?


  1. GREAT POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT.

  2. Very very funny!!! I love this post.


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