Snack Review: Buddy Fruits Apple Chips

I would like to go ahead and say I highly recommend these! They are chips made from 100% apples. Seriously! The only ingredient listed is apple! These apple chips do NOT contain any preservations, colorings, salt, fat, added sugar, genetic modification, artificial flavors, etc. It's one and a half apples and 80 calories. They have the red Fuji apples and the green Granny apples. If you're someone who likes to have something crunchy to snack on then try these. The Fuji ones are very sweet and the Granny apples have a tart taste to them. I love them both!! These are also great if you don't have time to make your own apple chips. I purchased these so I could take them to school with me but they never even made it to my book bag. Oops! Have you tried apple chips before? Also, leave me a comment sharing your current favorite snack.
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