UGHHHHH So Annoying!! Part 2!!

A long time ago I did a post on some of my pet peeves. A few people enjoyed it so I figured I would do another one. Here's the link to part 1

When people use the word littler.... um what? (& mines.)

The quests that Candy Crush makes you do after a certain amount of levels... I mean really?!! REALLY?!

Dropping the last piece of something delicious like pizza or cake.

People who walk in the street when they have sidewalks provided for them!!!!

People who spit on sidewalks. 

When ads start playing on websites. It's the worst when I have multiple tabs up and can't find where the ad is coming from. ugh.

When I open a giant bag of chips only to find about 10 chips inside.

When people way younger than me call me darling, sweetie, honey, etc. It's so irritating!!

When someone says something and then someone else just repeats what the first person said like I didn't just hear what they said.
  Bob: I like tacos. They are the!
  Lisa: Haha. He said tacos are the!

Girls who are constantly uploading a new selfie then turn around and talk about how ugly they are for attention.

People who are always talking! It's ok to be quiet sometimes!

Bad little kids with no manners. I. Can't. Deal.

When someone says, "What are you wearing!?"
Me: uh... clothes?

             What are your pet peeves??


  1. When someone licks their fingers while at a buffet. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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