Starbucks Got Some Explaining To Do!!!

 6 Starbucks Secrets You May Not Know About... SAY WHAAAAT!?

  • Just because you're getting a Venti (the largest size) at Starbucks doesn't mean you're getting more caffeine. A Venti contains the same amount of caffeine as a Grande (medium size), the only thing you're getting more of is milk!!! (Venti and Grande both contain 2 shots of espresso) So if it's more caffeine you want... a Venti won't do you any good.
  • Don't be rude to the barista... they might just decaffeinate your (supposed-to-be-caffeinated) drink.
  • The iced drinks that you like to order are almost half ice. Ask for light ice so you get more for your money... unless you don't mind a lot of ice.
  • Bring in your own cup and get 10 cents off! (Hey, every cent counts!)
  • Most baristas secretly hate making Frappuccinos but won't mind making them if the line is short. (apparently there's a lot of steps in making one)
  • There is no [official] Starbucks secret menu. Just combinations people have started coming up with over the years. If you want a drink from the “secret menu” then bring the recipe because more than likely the barista won't know how to make it. 

What's your favorite thing to order from Starbucks?
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