DIY: A Dessert Holder

What you need:
1 voltage candle holder ($1 at Dollar Tree)

1 (round) candle holder ($1 at Dollar Tree)

1 Doilie ($1.88 for a pack of 20 at Wal-Mart)

E6000 Glue (found at Wal-Mart, less than $3)

Place glue around the rim of the voltage candle holder and then place the other candle holder on top.

Gently push down on the candle holder to make sure it's sticking.
Leave it to dry overnight.
& That's it! You're done!!

(You can add your doilie on top the next day.)

*This holder could be used for desserts, fruit, jewelry, candles, ect.

*Make sure you wash your candle holders before you assemble.

*Make more than 1 at different heights for extra drama.


  1. Thanks for the tips. I am going to make this for the holidays. I can visualize a cupcake on it!

  2. Nice DIY. I have to try this sometime :)



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