Christmas Party 2014 Sneak Peak!!!!

Planning a party (a good party) involves a lot of work. You have to set up a guest list, create a menu, figure out what music you want to have, party favors, etc. It's slowly becoming a tradition that my family throws a Christmas party each year. This year we are having another Christmas sweater party (check out last year's pics here: and it's going to be bigger than the last. We had exactly 50 people at the party last year and it was at our house, this year we are expecting double the amount of people so we had to rent a building. We've been planning for this party for months so the fact that it's happening this week is nerve wrecking yet exciting. It's finally here!

Here's a sneak peak of things for the party as far as where we went shopping, some décor, etc:

Once again we took a family trip to Garden Ridge; they changed the name to At Home (who knows why) I seriously love this place. It has any and everything you'll ever need for any holiday, not to mention amazing décor for any time of the year. It's a holiday wonderland in there!
(Mom. Nephew. Dad)

There are aisles of Christmas trees, from white and green ones to different colored ones. There are also aisles of Christmas décor for any theme and if I'm not mistaken, the aisles are color coordinated!!  

Marshalls, Walmart, Target, and the Dollar Store are also other places that have amazing holiday décor.

Last year my mom and I made a few baskets for our guests to win as door prizes and they were a big hit so this year we are doing it again. I mean... who doesn't love a good basket, right? If anyone wants to make me a basket just know I am perfectly ok with that.

Food baskets are the best and a crowd favorite. You can never go wrong with a basket full of food. Just be sure the food isn't expired!!

 Candy. Chips. Cookies. Popcorn. Hot Chocolate. & More!

This basket has cupcake mix, cookies, hot chocolate, mugs, chips... it's definitely one of the bigger baskets

For last year's dessert table we had all white as the color scheme. This year we're going to be incorporating pops of red on the table, starting with this #Sweets sign.
The separate letters are from Michaels and the strip of wood is from Lowes.
My mom spray painted the sign red
Here's a few gifts we plan on giving out to the ladies attending:

To wrap this post up I'm going to show you guys the Christmas tree we decorated at the studio we are renting:


  1. This is going to be a fabulous party!!! I can hardly wait.

  2. so much fun :-)

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