WaDuke & Duke Chapel Part 1

Yesterday our family surprised my cousin Alexis at WaDuke to celebrate her 21st birthday. Let me just say WaDuke is seriously so amazing. This place had me feeling so fabulous.
You know a place is nice once you start taking pictures of the bathroom!

We ordered from the brunch menu: For my starter I choose the black bean chili with sour cream and cheese. The chili was SO good... I have no words. I just need more in my life!!

For my meal I chose the French toast with apples and blueberries on top and an apple jam drizzled over it. The French toast were coated in corn flakes with gave them an amazing crunch. It came with sausage and maple syrup.
I was sitting beside my cousin Isaiah so of course I had to take pictures of his food too. His starter was the seasonal fruit with a side of yogurt.
For his meal he had the Belgian waffle with a side of bacon.
For dessert I tried the wine gelee, dark chocolate cheesecake, fresh berry tart, chocolate covered strawberry, and peppermint marshmallow.
Then we sung happy birthday to Alexis. She even got a little surprise from the waitress.



Selfie Time!!!!!
Part 2 will be up soon.

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