My Awesome Game Night

Last Saturday I hosted game night and it was pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I invited my closest friends to join me for a night of food and games. It was a blast. I really want to make an effort to see my friends more often because we literally go months sometimes without seeing each other. 

I had a table set up with snacks and drinks and also ordered pizza and wings. (Not shown) 

 Have those soft sugar cookies at your next event. I guarantee they'll be gone in the first five minutes. I think these were gone faster than that!

We first played UNO and let me telllllllll you... the 2 or 3 games we played lasted FOREVER lol. (The money on the table was pizza money no one gambled lol.)

Then we played the 5 second rule game and taboo! They are great games to purchase for any of you wanting to host your own game night. 

 Another great game to play with a crowd is Jenga especially if it's truth or dare Jenga!

Game Night Selfies

The No Selfie Stick Struggle


  1. It looks like you really have fun! oh I miss my friends right now... ;)



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