My First Blacklight Run Experience

Hey everyone!

So yesterday my friend Alex and I went to our first Blacklight run. It you don't know what a Blacklight run is then check out the video below. ↓↓↓↓

We got there and ate funnel cake, listened to some music, and hung out during the pre-party. Good thing we got there early to experience that because the actual race was stormed out. We probably made it half way through the race when BAM! The storm got us. There was lightning, hardcore wind and rain but worst of all...
hail. Hail was smacking us in the face like 
I literally could not see as we were running back to the car. The chaos was too real. Everyone was running back to their vehicles. Apparently the race ended up being canceled but they still had the after party. We didn't stick around though, we decided to just leave and go home. I still had a great time though. I got to go out, hang with a friend, eat junk, dance  with a good crowd of people, and ran in a storm. (who does that) Can you say yolo? I would definitely go again. Hopefully the next time the weather will be better. 

Have you ever been to a Blacklight run? How was your experience?

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  1. I have never heard of it. Great informative post Miracle. Sounds like fun.


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