Do you ever have something happen to you and then you think to yourself "NOOO! WHYYYYY?!!!" "The STUGGLE GOT ME!" 

We all go through those struggle moments. Here are 5 struggle moments I think most people have experienced at least once. 

When you look in your wallet for that $20 and realize you already spent it.

Walking out of the house looking like a million bucks then 2 minutes later... you're looking like 3 dollars. 

Dropping that last piece of cake. 

Putting on your favorite socks just to find out they have holes in them. 

When you want cereal but there's no milk!

Let's face it... the struggle is real. The struggle bus might as well pick us up now. 

What's one struggle you've experience before? Let me know in the comments!! 



  1. so truuueeee!!! they annoy me sometimes like I'm frowning all the time when struggles strikes!

    Cassie Thriftier

    1. RIGHT!!!!! Girl it's awful!! LOL thanks for commenting!


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