Breakfast The Next Morning. (Part 2)

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Normally the morning after our Christmas parties, we host a breakfast for all of our family members who came into town. This year my aunt Gerri did the cooking and we were so thankful. There was a total of 58 people at the house!

There were 2 breakfast platters full of danishes, eggs, a 3 tier fruit tray with strawberries, grapes, and mangos, a variety of sausages, rolls, and french toasts. 

Below are random clips from that morning. 

We had a beverage stand where people could fix their own coffee, hot chocolate, juice, etc. 

Of course we had to have chocolate Santa guarding the beverage stand.


  1. We enjoyed having everyone over for breakfast. What a delightful weekend that was and we plan to have many more.

  2. Happy Holydays to you and your family!

  3. Looks delicious!! Happy Xmas!!


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