3 Tips For A Better Tasting Apple Cider

Nothing says fall like a nice hot cup of apple cider. Apple cider is slowly becoming my new favorite beverage. I'm drinking it more than coffee at the moment... yeah... crazy right? I'm going share with you three tips on how to amp your cider up to the next level. 

  • Rim your glass with condensed milk then cover it with crushed graham crackers. 
  • (If you don't already) Add one whole orange to your basic apple cider recipe. 
  • Top your apple cider with vanilla ice cream AND whipped cream. 
Follow these steps and I guarantee your apple cider will taste 100 times better. 

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  1. Thanks Miracle for sharing. I loved the Apple Cider you prepared for me the other day. I must admit that I was surprised that it tasted so delicious. Apple Cider was never one of my favorite drinks. Now if you can only amp up Egg Nog, my holiday drinks will be complete. Mom


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