Thanksgiving 2016

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. No one farted this year but we still had a good time. I snapped a few pictures to post. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how good this turkey looks. Yass Hunty. 
What's your favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving? I would say fried turkey and macaroni and cheese. 
Now that Thanksgiving is over I will be making an effort to blog more for the holidays.... be on the lookout for new posts coming THIS WEEK. 

 Fried Turkey is the best kind of turkey.

 Hawaiian Rolls are the best! 

Spiked Punch



Apple Turnovers 

No more cooking for aunt Yandy!!!!! 

Isaiah came to EAT y'all. He was too ready. 

GOTCHA! The trio. 

That food was POPPIN! 

Dang Jaidus! How you let those little kids just beat you up like that? 

Pay Back! 

Jacob face timing his mom

Getting swole off Thanksgiving food. 

Tonya's fried chicken was poppin!

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