(Repost) Healthy Living: 15 Facts About Lemon Water

Start each day off with a glass of lemon water

Here are 10 benefits to drinking lemon water:

1. Excellent source of vitamins and minerals. 

2. Creates a stronger digestive system. 

3. Flushes out all toxins.

4. Helps beautify and clear skin. (Anti-aging)

5. It's a natural energizer. 

6. Balances PH levels. 

7. Controls high blood pressure. 

8. Assists with [fast] weight loss. 

9. Fights off infections. 

10. Helps cure respiratory disorders [e.g. asthma]

11. It's a blood purifier. 

12. Reduces fevers, headaches, and heartburn. 

13. Anti-Inflammatory. 

14. Boost metabolism. 

15. Helps freshen breath. 

The list goes on and on!

Use organic lemons (if available) 
Drink with room temp/lukewarm water: It's easier for your body to process.
All you need is juice from half a lemon.
Waiting 30 minutes after drinking lemon water to eat will enhance absorption of nutrients. 

I'm going to start incorporating lemon water into my diet, are you?  


  1. Lemon water is indeed very healthy, and it makes the water look pretty too!

    Madame X
    The Flower Duet

  2. It's a conspiracy. Waterm makes up roughly 70% of the planet, science have proven that water wants to take over more land. Now she wants use yo put it inside our bodies. She may be working for the water... I'm on to you, you water lover!

  3. I must try this! Thanks Miracle Mae!


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