Superbowl Snack Idea #3:

Here's a simple dip recipe that is perfect for a super bowl party. 

3 packs of bacon (or more) 
4 bundles of green onions 
(2) 24 oz tubs of sour cream
6 cups (or more) of cheddar cheese
1 cup of bacon bits 
Pepper and Paprika to taste
Plain Lays Chips or Crackers (I prefer chips)

Mix in a large bowl the sour cream, cheese, bacon bits, pepper, and paprika. Then place in the refrigerator. 
Fry and drain bacon. Once it cools, chop it as fine as you can. 
On your platter of choice, mold the sour cream mixture into the shape of a football. 
Cover it with all of the bacon.
I used some left over dip to pipe football lines on top of the dip. 
Place green onions around the football to act as the grass. 
Grab your chips or crackers and dip baby dip! 

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  1. It looks delicious, too bad I don't like football. Can I still eat it?

    1. lol duuumb! Yeah you can. I don't like football either and I ate it. lol

  2. looks yummy I think I am going to try making it this weekend Miraclewhip!!

  3. Thanks Miracle! Very creative but most of all delicious!!!


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