10 Ways To Declutter Your Mind

Declutter-to remove unnecessary items from an untidy or overcrowded place. 

While it is good to declutter our closets every once in a while or our kitchen pantries, it is also important to declutter our minds. A cluttered mind is filled with thoughts, stress, worry, and more. Being mentally cluttered is never a good thing; it can change the way we function or send us in a downward spiral. 

Below are ten ways to declutter your mind: 

1. Make sure the space around you is clean. This doesn't mean that you have to declutter your space and throw everything out. Just make sure your area is clean and tidy.  

2. Start a Journal. This is a good way of releasing thoughts and feelings whether good or bad, instead of keeping them inside. When you're finished writing, it will feel as though a weight has been lifted. 

3. Watch less T.V. It has already been proven that television messes with our brains. 

4. Go outside. Being outside can be quite relaxing... especially in the mornings, sitting on the porch with a nice hot cup of coffee.

5. Exercise or Yoga. Exercising is an amazing way to clear your head. When you exercise your body releases endorphins which reduces your perception of pain and makes you feel good. So it's a great way to release stress, anxiety, and anger.

6. Stop Overextending Yourself. Take care of yourself before you take care of others. Never saying no and always doing things for other people will eventually create stress in your life, that could end up affecting your health. Practice having "me" time.

7. Laugh. Laughing is the best way to release stress. Tell a joke, hang out with some good (Funny) friends, read a funny book. 

8. Do something simple but fun. You could do a puzzle, play the bubble shooter app (I'm currently addicted by the way!), draw or color. 

9. Do Not Multitask. Trying to do so many things at one time can create a lot of stress. Focus on one task at a time. 

10. Relax. Take a hot bubble bath with a few candles lit. Meditate. Treat yourself to a massage. 


  1. I have # 7 down to the T! So does your momma! LOL!

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