Fruit Infused Water 💦

Let's just be real here, water is plain and boring. Drinking it can be tough especially if you are trying to consume your recommended daily intake. My favorite thing to do is to infuse my water with fruit. When my water is infused, I manage to drink three times as much water than I would otherwise. This is what my water looks like today:

Simply, lemon and strawberries. I love strawberries in my water. If you can't handle the sourness of lemon water then add in a few strawberries. It balances with the tartness. Another combination that I swear by is strawberry and mint.

We all know the benefits of drinking water right? By drinking water you are fighting off diseases and illnesses, flushing out toxins, creating better digestion, etc. But by adding in fruit, you are adding in extra nutrients to your water. The fruit will provide extra vitamins and minerals that the water didn't even have before.

So if you find yourself not being able to drink enough water, just do what I do and chuck a bunch of fruit in it!! Happy Drinking.

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  1. These are great ideas! I'm going to have to try the strawberry and mint combination. I've only tried lemon and cucumbers in my water!

    1. It's too good. I like apple and cinnamon too.

  2. Mixing water with fruits and vegetables... taint right! Mix kool-aid like the good lord intended.


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