Get A Bigger Butt TODAY!!! 🍑

Do your friends call you flatty patty? Do you lack wiggle in your jiggle? Does your backside resemble pancakes... and not the fluffy kind? Well fear no more. Today's post will show you 6 ways to boost your booty into a fabulous ba-donka-donk.




Fire Hydrants 

 Leg Lifts

Plank Jacks

Once you get used to these workouts, add on weights (i.e. ankle weights) for results. 
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  1. Thanks for showing women how to get bigger bums the natural way.

  2. I'll be dropping it like it is hot in time for thong season child! So long lukewarm, hello Super Nova! Sssssssssss!

    1. LOOOOOOL. I can't deal with you right now.😂😂😂

  3. I need to do some of those exercises tonight! Too much junk in the front! Not trunk! hahahahaha


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