My Go-To Green Juice 🍏

I love my green juices but sometimes I don't love making them. I have a cold pressed juicer which is amazing however it runs very sloooowww. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood to make one. But lately, I've been juicing up a storm. I love having a juice in the early afternoon. It's the perfect pick me up. You know how they say an apple gives you sooooo much energy, well "issa" lie! Now a green juice does give you energy. It's so great for when you are feeling sluggish, I swear by it!  

Here's the green juice that I've been making lately:

1 apple

4 celery sticks

2 lemons

Spinach, Romaine lettuce, and kale (handful each)

1 large cucumber 

This is my photo. 

This is the combination that I usually go for. I like it the most because it isn't a sweet juice but it isn't bland or sour either. 

Comment of the day
What's your favorite juice or smoothie recipe? 


  1. I must call you for the details of making those juices! Yummy!

  2. Ice cream, cookie dough, strawberry syrup, carmal...

  3. You've misspelled "yum" don't worry it's a common mistake lol


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