Bringing Back A Childhood Toy

If you could bring back one toy from your childhood, what would it be? 

I would bring back the Bratz dolls. I'm pretty sure they stopped making those a couple of years ago. I haven't been seeing them in stores but back in the day, they were POPPIN!! And can I just say, they used to slay my life with their commercials. I loved those dolls! I loved the hair styles, the fashion, the makeup... I literally wanted to be a bratz doll!! Now that I'm older some people actually tell me that I look like a bratz doll. I hope that's not their subtle way of telling me I have a big head. 
The only thing I didn't like about Bratz dolls were that they had no feet. As a child, I always thought that was the weirdest thing. 

Leave me a comment letting me know what childhood toy(s) you would bring back. 


  1. Yes I loved those dolls for my daughter.

  2. Baby secret. She kept all my deepest darkest secrets. Never judging with those cold lifeless eye that seem peer in the deepest depths of my being. Confessing my wants, dreams and based desires. Pressing my loose lips against her stiff uncaring ears; pressing her hissing flapping mouth against my ear as she whispers well into the next day, pass the witching hour. Oh the whispers;back and forth, soon it was just back because forth seemed pointless. She had all the answers: what I should eat, when I should sleep, ect. My parents worried about my fixation on Baby Secrets, she warned me of their plot to separate me and her, other half. One day a woke to find her gone. I always wondered if it was something I said, a secret so dark and loathsome that it repulsed her and she ran away. Sometimes I'd sing our favorite song we use to sing, "Hush little baby", while I watch old commercials of the now discontinued Baby Secrets. Sometimes late at night I can still hear the whispers. I know deep in my heart she always watching, keeping secrets. I would like Baby Secrets back... Or Sockem Boopers, they're more fun then a pillow fight!

  3. lol omg that was creepy. You are toooooooooo dumb for this lol

    I forgot sockem boopers were a thing. Those were pretty popular too. I never have them tho.

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