Friday, July 14, 2017


I came across some old memory cards that I forgot I had and found a ton of cute pictures. I figured it would be fun to take it back for #FlashbackFriday. 

This was one of my last days in high school. Lunch time was the best time. 

This was in June of 2009 when I graduated from high school. 

Look how cute Cody was. 

Dad training Cody

One of my first Christmas parties with just my friends. 

Ho Ho Ho

I'm so happy that I found Jacob's baby pictures. I thought I had lost them. 

This was in April of 2008

Jacob doesn't even look real in this picture. He looks like a doll. 
My little cousin Jadius always took the best pictures as a child. 

I mean seriously, how could you not love this face. 


Aww, those faces!!!!

Look at this little cutie 

This was her birthday. I forgot how old she was turning. 

Happiness is receiving a McDonalds giftcard. 

Kayla was lookin' at him like "Mhmm, you're about to be up to no good."

Jacob and Alexis

Jase and Jacob. Aww. 

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