EASY New Year's Eve Drink Idea

This drink idea is quick, easy, and perfect for New Year's Eve. It's also wonderful for a girls night in or those unannounced guests that you want to impress on the spot. As long as you already have white wine and sparkling grape juice chilled, you could make this drink in less than 5 minutes. 

I poured mine individually but you can make a full pitcher if you want. It's really just a mixture of white wine and sparking white grape juice, so there are no real measurements here. Just pour a glass of white wine and depending on how much fizz you want will determine the amount of grape juice you add. I also added some chopped apples, a couple slices of halos (or oranges), and cranberries into the drink.

Not only is this drink cute but it tastes delicious as well. Try it out. What's your favorite thing to drink this time of year? 

Yellow Tail White Wine
Sparkling White Grape Juice
Apple slices
1 Halo


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