The Benefits of Puzzles

Puzzles are beneficial to everyone, no matter what age they are. For children, puzzles are a learning tool that increases their hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills.  For adults, puzzles keep the brain active thus decreasing the chances of Alzheimers and Dementia. Puzzles are also helpful when it comes to increasing a person's IQ as well as their overall mood. 

(Any kind of puzzle is good for you whether jigsaw, crossword, or word-search)

For your own health, try incorporating puzzles into your daily routine. Did I mention, puzzles are also great for decreasing anxiety and stress? 

I just completed the puzzle below in 2 minutes and 56 seconds. Solve it and leave your time in the comments below.  I want to see who can beat me! Also let me know if you enjoy solving puzzles. 

This is what the completed puzzle looks like. 


  1. Tried the puzzle, but i couldn't move far. Its been long since i did one and I do agree with you. i find them a great way to jog the mind.


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