But Is It Good? Series Part 1: Delish's Cranberry Brie Bites

Everyone has seen those Delish recipes floating all over the internet but has anyone ACTUALLY tried them? For a while I have always been curious as to whether their food actually taste as good as they look. So once in a while on the blog I will share a Delish recipe that has caught my eye, test it out, and rate it. I'm gonna give yall the REAL TEA! The first recipe that caught my eye were these cranberry brie bites. 
Check out the video below and then keep reading... 

So after viewing their video, I had my mind set on making these and I surely did! Here are some photos of mine. 

Mind you, I have NEVER tried brie cheese up to this point; but, I was so excited because apparently, brie cheese is all the rage!! 

Let me TELL YOU! Brie cheese is absolutely disgusting. When I tell you I almost gagged...! Omg! I seriously do not see why this cheese is so popular. It's so nasty... but then again, blue cheese is pretty popular and that cheese is nasty to me too. I thought it was just me so I let the family taste the bites as well... and nope! No one liked the cheese. If you have never tried brie it tastes like old, stale nuts and mushrooms. It's so bizarre. Literally, I have NEVER tasted a cheese that tasted like mushrooms. And the crazy thing is, is that I actually like mushrooms!! Brie is also very strong in flavor. It is not mild at all. It is pretty intense. I guess it's an acquired taste. 

I knew this dish had potential so I made another batch (which I did not get pictures of) using the only other cheese we had around the house... cream cheese. And guess what? It was AMAZING! The combination of the cream cheese with the cranberry sauce was magnificent! The saltiness of the pecans mixed with the subtle hint of rosemary made the dish even better. 

My final results.

Would I recommend? YES 
This dish gets 5 stars from me... as long as the brie is swapped out for another cheese. If you like brie then you will absolutely love this dish the way it is. I plan on trying this again with gouda cheese. I love gouda and believe it would be a hit! 

By the way, what I love most about this dish is that it bakes quickly. Within minutes these bites are finished, which makes them the perfect Thanksgiving or Christmas appetizer. 

With that... I have a couple of questions for you all. 

Have you ever tried brie cheese and what are your thoughts on it?

What dish would you like for me to try out next? You can link it in the comments or my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/itsmiraclewhip/

Thank you for visiting the blog. If you made it to the end of this post then drop me some comments. Don't be afraid. I love hearing from you all. 

Christmas posts will be up soon... 

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