The 7th Annual Cummings Christmas Party

Another year, another christmas party... and boy am I POOPED! These parties take A LOT of work, time, money, and energy that I don't think most people realize. Most of the year goes into planning for these parties!!! So when people reach out to us and offer help and support, we really appreciate you guys. The people who bring/buy things for the party or give money-we thank you, to those who come into town early to help set up-we thank you, to the people who stay late after the parties to help clean up-we thank you, to people who show up with a Christmas/Hostess gift for my mom, me, or both -we thank you. We love all of you guys but we truly do appreciate those who go out of there way to help us. Whether people realize it or not, these parties are ran by 2 people! yes only 2 people! Me and my mom. And financed by only 2 people! My mom and dad. There are no party planners involved and yet, somehow we manage to make it work each and every time.  Sorry this post is going up so late, but I hope you enjoy! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season and cheers to the new year! 


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