CRAZY MOM GETS ANGRY AND SMASHES PUMPKIN, Halloween Decor, & Carving Pumpkins


Hello everyone!!! Welcome. In today's vlog, I am showing my halloween tree and well as other halloween decor. I am also making a fun mini cheese board as well as some autumn punch for my family to enjoy while we carve pumpkins outside. Watch as my mom smashes a pumpkin after hearing one left a bruise on my niece (all jokes btw lol) It's a running joke in our family that my mom gets angry and fights inanimate objects after we get hurt by one. Anywho, if you are new here you will quickly realize that my entire family is goofy. I also added in a cooking with me portion at the end of the vlog. I hope you enjoy this video. If you do please like, comment, and subscribe on my youtube page. I would love to reach 200 subscribers soon! Subscribe here:


  1. That pumpkin had it coming, do start Nothin there won’t be nothin


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